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PenFinancial pledges to use business as a force for good by being held accountable to their Truly Local Commitment to Niagara.

For many years, Natasha Wells has been giving her time to encourage and support the youth of Pelham, especially when sports are involved. She has coached for Pelham Soccer, run the sports activities at Agape Valley's summer camps and been a team mentor for a local robotics team. Natasha is now looking to use her passion for people and athletics in her post secondary eduction, in pursuit of a BA Honours degree in Kinesiology. But she needs your help!

All branches of the PenFinancial Credit Union are busy collecting your gently worn formal wear as we get ready for Prom Project Niagara. (Other drop off locations are also noted below)

Presented by PenFinancial Credit Union, Prom Project Niagara is a one day fun free formal wear extravaganza for girls and guys! Students can select their perfect head-to-toe look for their prom, formal, or graduation for FREE! Learn more at

Having been in the Financial Services industry for several years now, I have found it’s the people that make it all worthwhile. I always enjoy meeting with our members to learn about their financial dreams and aspirations, and working with them personally to develop a strategy to reach them. 

Your priorities are my priorities and it’s my responsibility to help you achieve your  financial goals and dreams. Nothing makes me happier than seeing people succeed and thrive!

PenFinancial Credit Union has been nurtured for over 60 years right here in Niagara. We serve over 21, 000 members and our roots are firmly planted in Niagara soil. We take pride in providing our members with the exceptional rates on banking products and services that they want, with the expert advice that they expect for every stage of life. 

At PenFinancial, we believe in “truly local” banking. We also believe in supporting your local communities and businesses. When you become a Member of the PenFinancial family, you’ll receive a Truly Local Scratch Card.

You can win gift cards valued from $25 to $100 to redeem at local Pelham establishments including Cuzinz, Mossimos, Le Village, Rice Road Greenhouses, Nature’s Corner Bakery, Iggy’s Pub, Fasion U Turn and more!

myNiagara Online Co-Founder, Cathy Berkhout-Bosse will be part of a Women's Entrepreneurship Panel discussion on Tuesday, October 17th 7:15 - 9:00 AM at Lookout Point Country Club.

Join us over breakfast as we share stories and advice ranging from financing your start-up to reading a cash flow statement to financial life lessons learned from the experience of launching and operating our community enterprise.

Lesson #1: How Much Money Do you Need?

Panelist include:

Socially responsible investing. It sounds like an oxymoron. No, I’m not calling investing stupid! Quite the opposite. When we engage in socially responsible investing (SRI) it can be a very smart decision. So what is it? It’s a bit like replanting money trees in forests slated for clear cutting. It lets you make money while working to improving the economic, environmental, social, and corporate landscapes.

It happens to the best of us: poor credit. It isn’t hard to develop. One unpaid $100 mobile phone bill and 4 years later, and your credit history is poor enough to make a banker shut their laptop so fast it blows your hair back. No loans for you. No mortgage.  No line of credit. No further questions.

We've extended the deadline for our Sprowt Video Scholarship Contest to Monday, June 6th!

By submitting a short video telling us 'what you want to be when you grow up and why' you could win up to $2,000 in scholarship funding from PenFinancial Credit Union. There's a total of $4,000 up for grabs! Need some inspiration? Check out last year's winning videos. Visit for details.

By submitting a short video telling us 'what you want to be when you grow up and why' you could win up to $2,000 in scholarship funding from PenFinancial Credit Union. There's a total of $4,000 up for grabs! Need some inspiration? Check out last year's winning videos, found below.

PenFinancial Credit Union has launched their first ever financial advice blog and it strives to be anything but the status quo. Filled with real member stories, laughs and financial insights, the Truly Local Advice authors want to connect with readers on a much deeper level, rather than simply providing cookie-cutter financial advice.

Win a weekend of entertainment, delicious food and accomodations in the beautiful south coast compliments of PenFinancial Credit Union.

Way to go! Pen Financial Credit Union - lead sponsor for .... Drop off your formal wear at any branch!

Giving students the opportunity to select formal wear free of charge to attend their proms, grads and formals.

If you have something that you'd like to donate to this year's Prom Project, we invite you to drop it off at any PenFinancial location!