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Next weekend is Thanksgiving.  It is the often the last weekend you will use your trailer.  Winterization is now on your mind.

Why is it important that you winterize your trailer?  Ofcourse you want to maximize your investment in your home away from home.  If you have a new trailer, it is important to keep your warranty valid. Not to mention to make it easier to open up in the spring and keeping the rodents out.

What do you need to do?

Unless you have been cut off from the outside world, you know that interest rates on new trailer loans are at all-time lows and opportunities to finance are abundant. As a result of this trend, now may be the best time to buy that travel trailer you’ve always wanted. With payments as low as $114.10 bi-weekly, for a 21 foot trailer, yes now is the time to turn your dreams into reality.

Here at Seaway Trailers, we are campers too! So when we need to clean or protect our Home away from Home we use these great 303 products which are available year round at our retail counter.  Chances are if you ride a bike or a boat you have used these products before with great success! These products will reduce the time you spend cleaning, leaving you more time to enjoy your weekend.

When you need to protect your surfaces we recommend;

303® Aerospace Protectant™

Living in southern Ontario is hardly the concrete jungle.  However, when was the last time you immersed yourself into nature for more than a few hours at a time.

When looking for a travel trailer you have many things to consider. And if weight and sleeping areas are on that list, a hybrid travel trailer could be for you.  It resembles a regular trailer or RV that has a hard sided body and roof. However once you set it up, it then becomes a larger trailer. The ends pull out and are what you would see on a pop-up travel trailer.  In the canvas projections, you will find  more sleeping space.  These extended sleeping areas enclose a Queen size sleeping space.

You can sure tell that Spring has arrived when you have this overwhelming urge to plan your summer getaways.   With the American dollar so high and fuel prices so low, this year has the makings of a visit Canada road trip.  Planning a road trip can be an ordeal in itself.  We have included a few tips to make your planning a little easier.

If you have ever thought about purchasing a travel trailer, this year is your year to do it. Fuel prices are dropping. The price of the American dollar gives us a tremendous opportunity to see more of our amazing country.  

It’s March Madness at Seaway Trailer Sales! All this Month you can take advantage of great prices and even better financial rates (OAC). Rates as low as 3.9% (OAC) for a limited time!

As spring approaches, we begin to prepare for our new RV adventures.  It’s also the time of the year you need to prepare your RV for the road. Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone.

Our service department is happy to help you with making your RV excursions safe.  We are able to service all makes and models.  Did you purchase your RV elsewhere? That’s okay! We’ll welcome you into our Seaway Trailer Family.

Have you ever had a flat tire in the middle of nowhere?  Do you remember your disappointment and dread as you unloaded the trunk to retrieve the tire iron. Well, Seaway Trailer Sales is giving you a chance to win a Safety Spair Tire Repair Kit.  Just visit their Facebook page here, and like and share their post. It’s that easy! Good luck! 

Seaway Trailer Sales carries a vast variety of accessories for all you trailer needs. Come in today!

As Daytona Bike Week and NASCAR racing approach, the need for Toy Haulers is greatly increasing as many RVers are looking to bring their own bikes and/or golf carts to the event.

Unlike many New RV dealers, Seaway Trailer Sales also has a strong used RV business. We work hard to carry a great selection of used RVs. We welcome any make or model of RV on trade; however we are in great need of TOY HAULERS, we'll be happy to discuss the value of your trade.

Very few sports have as loyal a fan base as those that will follow them from venue to venue as NASCAR.  Die-hard fans pack up their trailers and travel like vagabonds from city to city.  Packing up your house on wheels to travel the US to witness 16 races and experience the culture is a great adventure. 

Seaway Trailer Sales as been located in Welland for 40 years and for the past  14 years under the ownership of Denis and Diane Martineau.   They love camping and they want you to love it too!  When shopping for something as personal as a trailer, who better to deal with then the owners themselves.  Big enough to serve your needs and small enough to show they care.