Gifts Under $25

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Gifts Under $25

1) $10 Incense Packages from The Village Yogi

Includes 1 Box of Nag Champa incense, wooden incense holder and a Yoga Class Pass.

This clean-burning sacred incense will make any room feel like a temple!

2) Relaxation CD from The Village Yogi

$20 @ The Village Yogi or available online here:

Trouble sleeping? Stressed? Anxious? This will help. Relax deeply and recharge your body and your mind. This powerful cd will help bring deep peace and healing into your life.

The perfect gift for yourself or someone you love. Experience the profound power of learning the fine art of surrender. Relax and unwind. Learn to meditate

3) Tiny $20 gifts from The Village Yogi

Includes: a handmade soy candle, 2 Class Passes and 10% off a 10 Class Punch Card.