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Our Classes

Below is a sampling of some of the classes we will be offering at The Village Yogi. Please stay tuned as we experiment and grow…
Vinyasa Free Flow – A variety of postures sequenced together and linked to the breath. These flowing classes are often themed and involve music. Most are taught to accomodate all levels of experience – offering modifications to help you work at your own speed.

The Village Flow – This all levels class is the Trade Marked sequence of The Village Yogi – as developed by Heather Jones – Yoga Therapist, Owner & Director. Each of these classes follow a similar flow and can help you build a strong balanced practice. Repeating the sequence each time you attend this class also helps you to gauge how your strength, balance and flexibility are improving…

Yoga for Back Care – A gentler class designed to strengthen, build symmetry and stability in hips, back and spine. Uses gentle back bending postures, easy flows to warm up the whole body, and relaxing forward bends and twists to keep the spine and nerves supple and flexible. There is also an emphasis on building core strength (gently) to ultimately assist with instability that many suffer from following injury or weakness.

Yoga for Athletes – This 60 min. class is perfect whether you are a runner, cyclist, rower, soccer or hockey player. Postures are designed with the competitive athlete in mind : focusing on developing greater breath capacity, releasing tight hamstrings and psoas, building a more flexible spine, shoulder girdle and hips. Take a break here to stretch and strengthen in ways that will keep you enjoying your sport of choice for a long long time.

Iron Yoga – Yoga with Weights. This class sequences traditional yoga postures while holding light weights to help strengthen and tone while building greater stamina. Weights are 2-5 pounds. A fabulous change of pace and an invigorating addition to your regular practice.

Yin Yoga – A slower, more restorative class that focuses on longer held postures that help to target the denser, deeper, tissues, such as the ligaments, joint capsules, cartilage, bones and fascial networks of the body. Since these tissues are found in the upper body as well as the lower body the Yin Yoga practice focuses on the whole body with both forward and back bends, hip/groin openers, spinal strentheners as well as the back, chest and legs.

Yin/Yang Yoga – These 90 minute fully balanced classes fuse approx 40 min of fairly strong, yang, postures, sequences and breathwork to stimulate heat, movement and detoxification. The second half of the class is comprised of slower, gently held, more yin postures to cool and open the body to release deeply held tensions. Pranayama excercises to induce focus, calm and rest are taught to lead participants into a guided deep relaxation to end the class.

Yoga Nidra- Yoga Nidra is the term given that best describes this deep guided relaxation meditation. A few gentle restorative stretches, breathing excercises and postures are offered at the beginning of the class to release the tensions of the day. Participants are then guided through a deep relaxation and visualization practice, done lying down in Savasana, which helps one to connect mindfully and deeply to their body and themselves. The perfect antidote to a stressful day/week! Yoga Nidra has been traditionally used to clear deeply held patterns and habits and bring exceptional peace.

Hypno Yoga- These specified classes are a fusion of therapeutic yoga postures and relaxing hypnosis meditations to help treat and manage a variety of conditions such as : Weight Loss, Depression, Anxiety.

Yoga DJ – Flow through this all levels class with the hypnotic beats of a live dj! Fun, uplifting, funky and fresh!

Partner/Contact Yoga – Our specialty! This class is designed for two! No experience is necessary. Bring your partner, friend or mother and spend some time practicing what yoga is all about – Union. This class guides you through some fun (and sometimes flying!) postures where you will learn to assist and be assisted. Join us for this fun(ny), explorative, relaxing and highly entertaining class. The perfect way to start date night!

Kids Yoga, Family Yoga, Mom & Baby Yoga – Young and old come together in these light-hearted classes for individual children, partner, and family yoga fun! Age appropriate yoga poses, animated breathing exercises, and soothing relaxation techniques awaken the child in us all.

Laughter and love fill each session and is sure to inspire the entire family’s relationship. This bonding class is open to parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, older siblings, and caregivers too.