Mausoleum, Crypts & Niches

2250 Hwy 20
Fonthill, ON L0S1E6
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Mausoleum, Crypts & Niches

Mausoleums are buildings that offer both above ground burial spaces, as well as glass front and bronze memorial front columbarium niches.  Pleasantview’s newest mausoleum provides comfortable, year round visitation and has an elevator for easier accessibility.

A crypt is an aboveground burial space that can be located inside a large community mausoleum or in smaller, personally-designed family mausoleum units, providing comfortable visitation in any season. Indoor crypt spaces can be memorialized with bronze plaques, vases, lamps, bronze frames, or ceramic pictures.
Niches are a burial space for cremation urns.  We have both glass front niches where the urns, as well as photos and other personalization’s can be viewed and the glass can be etched.   The other type of indoor niches in our mausoleum have bronze memorials.

Let’s plan how YOU would like to be remembered!
Teide “TAYDEE” Zimmermann


Pre-Planning Director
Pleasantview Memorial Gardens