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In Ontario, every adult child (i.e. not a minor) has an obligation to provide support, in accordance with need, for his or her parent(s) who has cared for or provided support for that child, to the extent that the adult child is capable of doing so. Yet, applications for parent's support made against adult children are extremely rare. This is likely due to the fact that few destitute or financially needy parents are aware that their adult children have a legal obligation to provide for their needs. 

What rights do you have if your elderly parents pass away (whether together or a years apart), and before their passing they 'loaned' money to or added one of your siblings as a joint title holder (joint tenant) of family/matrimonial home? Are you or your other siblings entitled to a share in the house or any money from its sale?

On April 13, 2017, Bill 59, Putting Consumers First Act (Consumer Protection Statute Law Amendment), 2017 (Bill 59), received Royal Assent.  Bill 59 makes changes to the Consumer Protection Act (Ontario), the Collection and Debt Settlement Services Act and the Payday Loans Act. It also creates a new home inspection regime that requires home inspectors to be licensed and makes changes to Water Heater Agreements.

Browse the latest in Canadian Employment Law; an indispensable tool for managers, business owners, trade unions, HR professionals and law firms.

Moore's has put together a very encompassing collection of legal forms, legal databases and more for your education and convenience.

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Moores, Law & Dispute Resolution Practice is pleased to announce that from 2018, it will be providing advice and full legal services in the following areas of product/manufacturer's liability...

To help ensure that employers understand their obligations and that employees know their rights, the Minister of Labour has prepared and published a new Employment Standards Poster entitled “Employment Standards in Ontario”. This poster describes important rights and requirements under the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA) and must be posted in the workplace where it is likely that employees will see it. Employers are also required to give every employee a copy of the poster.

Moores, Law & Dispute Resolution Practice will be writing/publishing a series of legal articles in MyPelham for the lay person titled, "Remedies for Financial & Other Types of Abuse of the Elderly" covering such topics as...

The recent British Columbia Court decision of Cottrill v. Utopia Day Spas and Salons Ltd., 2017 BCSC 704, (which principles would equally apply in Ontario), is a harsh reminder that employers need to proceed with great caution before terminating an employee for poor performance. The employee in Cottrill was a skincare therapist. She provided facials, pedicures and various other like treatments for clients of her employer. 

We are seeing some exciting and important legal developments in the Ontario courts this year. Only recently, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice rendered a ground-breaking ruling that found harassment, including workplace harassment...

Your family and loved ones could 'lose' quite a lot if your will is incomplete, poorly drafted or 'out of date'. Not having a will or one that is properly drafted could cost your estate many thousands of dollars in legal bills, bitter family disputes, as well as court-room battles between siblings and/or their spouses!

There's now a real alternative to non-regulated companies like LegalZoom and other non-lawyer entities, both in terms of quality and costs. Moores Law offer online legal forms to meet the large demand for affordable legal services with real lawyer input.

There's now a real alternative to non-regulated companies like LegalZoom and other non-lawyer entities, both in terms of quality and costs. Moores Law offer online legal forms to meet the large demand for affordable legal services with real lawyer input.

The Law Practice has a very flexible menu of services to suit your needs and budget. You can choose legal forms on their own or legal forms bundled with legal advice for a fixed fee. They also offer legal court coaching, if you wish to represent yourself or your company at a court hearing, but need some guidance and help on how to present you case professionally and effectively.

Our no-frills law practice offers professional, yet affordable and easy to use solutions that allow the lawyer dealing with your case to focus on legal results only and not on meeting quotas to cover overhead and hours. Isn't that what you've always wanted from your lawyer?

Moores Law & Dispute Resolution Practice offers affordable traditional lawyering, as well as cutting-edge online legal services (including documents preparation and/or review). Please review the video below for 10 helpful rules for dealing with police.

Wednesday November 2nd, 2016 marked the Grand Opening of Fonthill's newest and Niagara's most cost-effective law firm - Moores Law & Dispute Resolution Practice. Local Lawyer, Philton Moore opened his new office location at 1440 Pelham St. in Downtown Fonthill to make the new pre-paid Legal Advantage Plan and his legal skills available in his local community. Philton has been practicing law in Ontario since 2011, and had previously practised as a barrister in the United Kingdom for 7 years.