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For most people, a vehicle is a major investment, second only to buying a house. A National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) study found that at least half of consumers neglect routine maintenance, with young people being the least likely to keep up with service schedules. Almost two-thirds of automotive technicians believe that consumers can take care of their vehicles’ maintenance and repair needs for less than $500 annually. Considering the average cost and complexity of a new vehicle, you may be penny-wise and dollar-foolish if you neglect routine maintenance.

Unsurprisingly, your vehicle’s brake pads should always be in top working function. When your brakes are talking to you, you better listen!

As you roll into summer, you’re going to rely more on your vehicle’s Air Conditioning (AC ) system for comfortable driving. So, before taking off on your summer-vacation road trip, crank up the AC and have it inspected if any of the following symptoms are present...



We’ve all been there – choosing to ignore a troubling sound, odour or sign of wear on our vehicles. Whether it’s finding time in your schedule or funds in your checkbook, it’s easy to put off maintenance or repairs, but that can lead to more expensive work down the road. Here are five examples of when time is definitely not on your side.