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Articles from Boggio Fonthill Pharmacy and Log Cabin Gift Shoppe

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Boggio Fonthill Pharmacy & Log Cabin Gift Shoppe was honoured to receive the 2017 Corporate Peer Award in recognition for our work helping charities, service clubs and volunteer organizations!

Thank you to everyone who helps us give back to our community.

~Kyle Boggio

Peer Awards are presented annually at the Town of Pelham Volunteer and Community Corporate Recognition Ceremony.  Each year exemplary citizens are nominated to receive the award by members of the community service organizations that they support.

Boggio Fonthill Pharmacy & Log Cabin Gift Shoppe has been serving the Pelham community since 2010 and is an an Integral part of the Boggio Family of Pharmacies. Our Fonthill location offers a wide array of services as well as great prices. It has always been our goal to provide the highest level of service at the fairest prices.

We have had quite an eventful 2 years with renovating the Log Cabin Gift Shoppe, expanding the space, and bringing in Boggio & Parton Fonthill Pharmacy to create one new and improved store. We are one of four of the Boggio Family of Pharmacies in the Niagara Region.