St. Alexander Catholic Church
50 Pelham Town Square
Box 773
Fonthill, ON
L0S 1E0
Phone: 905-892-3090
Jeanie Stoyka, Secretary
Sharon Goossen, Secretary

Father Peter Rowe
Father Peter Rowe Vitae

 born on September 10, 1952 in Oshawa, Ontario, to Donald M. Rowe and Joan F. Mothersill

 baptized September 28, 1952 in St. Gregory Church, Oshawa by Fr. (later Msgr.) Paul Dwyer

 attended St. Gertrude and St. Francis Catholic Schools (elementary grades); served at Mass

 first holy communion in 1959, confirmation in 1963 (I became an altar server in later grades)

 spent my winters playing road hockey, my summers camping (in Ontario's provincial parks)

 because my parents were faithful churchgoers, we visited many rural churches over Ontario

 longer trips were made to Cape Cod, Bar Harbor, Gaspe, and across Canada to Victoria, B.C.

 went in 1966 to Oshawa Catholic (now Msgr. Paul Dwyer) High School, graduating in 1971

 studied political science and philosophy at the University of Toronto (St. Michael's College)

 obtained honours B.A. in 1975, enrolling in theology studies with St. Augustine's Seminary

 spent my summers employed by Oshawa Public Library (manually making space for books)

 joined with seminarians from many dioceses and gave talks on vocations at several parishes

 spent a summer (1978) in residence at St. John Church, Whitby with Fr. Anthony Meagher
      (later Archbishop of Kingston, deceased 2007)

 transferred that fall to the Diocese of St. Catharines; ordained a deacon on January 14, 1979

 served at St. Joseph Parish, Grimsby (with Fr. Dominic Pizzacalla, Fr. Alex MacIntosh, s.f.m.)

 ordained a priest on September 29, 1979 in St. Gertrude Church, Oshawa by Bishop Thomas

 my first assignment as associate pastor was to St. Denis Parish, St. Catharines -- from 1979 to
      1982 (first with Msgr. Matthew Clifford, followed by Msgr. John Cartwright)

 from 1982 to 1984 I was associate pastor of St. Alfred Parish, St. Catharines (during that time,
      my first pastor, Msgr. Anthony Tonnos, was named auxiliary bishop of Hamilton; my next pastor
      was Msgr. Vincent O'Donohue); my involvement in youth ministry and SEARCH weekends
      began then

 in 1984 Bishop Fulton asked me to become pastor of (Mary,) Star of the Sea Parish,
      St. Catharines

 I was with the people of Port Dalhousie until 1994 (assisted on weekends by Fr. Chris Iredale,
      c.s.b., Fr. Denis Warburton, c.s.c., and Fr. Robert McInroy, c.s.c.)

 besides keeping up with the SEARCH weekends, I also served on Holy Cross High School's
      Pastoral Advisory Council and, for a time, as diocesan director of liturgy; I worked closely with
      colleagues of other denominations in "Port" and oversaw the completion of an addition to the
      1871 church

 Bishop John O'Mara asked me to accept a transfer to Our Lady of the Scapular Parish, Niagara       Falls where I served until 2005: very soon into my stay I was called upon to coordinate the
      Catholic community's response to the Franklin Graham Mission (a significant ecumenical
      endeavour); from then on, with the assistance of several associate pastors and a good team of
      parishioners, we undertook a significant fundraising venture and completed the addition of a new
      front foyer and side entrance to the church; we celebrated the Jubilee Year 2000 and our own
      parish 50th anniversary in 2001 by initiating the Parish Synod / Summit experience; next came
      the excitement connected with World Youth Day 2002; I took part in the "Come Home"
      program for returning Catholics; for a time I was dean of Niagara Falls and, to this day, I am the
      spiritual animator of the diocesan Holy Name Society

 when Bishop James Wingle came to the diocese five years ago, he asked me to carry on as a
      diocesan consultor; also, I have been on the diocesan Council of Priests for most of my

 through the years, I have been fortunate to have traveled extensively across Europe and Canada,       to the United States and to the Holy Land (1988)

 my university pursuit of political history has led me to be an avid photographer of history (an
      "architectotourist"), vexillologist and psephologist (and I would consider myself to be an
      "occasional" golfer)

 my parents both died in 1991 and my brother, Chris, in 1995
      I made it through those tough times with the considerable support of parishioners and friends

 now, since 2005, I have the pleasure of serving the people of St. Alexander Parish, Fonthill,
      where we are looking forward to celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first Mass in town in
      September 2007

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