Your next step can impact your entire separation or divorce experience. Every separation has 3 aspects: emotional, legal and financial. Financial decisions are key to reaching a mutual agreement.

With the early cold snap this September, a lot of people will be thinking about heading south for the winter.  For the property owner who wants peace of mind knowing their property is well taken care of while they are on holiday or away for any length of time, there is Ross Tennent of Cottage Coppers.

This is the time of year when cleanses or diets are at the forefront of our minds.   Just by changing your eating habits for the better or ‘eating clean’ some might experience ‘detox symptoms’.  When you eliminate or cut back on certain foods, your body eliminates toxins.  Your body will try to expel toxins in any way it can: from your liver, via bowel movements and through your skin’s pores.


The 2015 cooking series at Zest includes the themes "Globetrotting" Feb:23rd, "Shuck, Steam, Fillet" March 30th and "Grill on the Hill" April 20th; Cost:  $60.00/class or all 4 for $200.00 Gift certificates available as well. Give the gift you can eat and drink.

The Craftsman style Bungalows by Raydence Homes feature two bedroom & three bedroom open concept layouts with all the upgraded amenities that you would expect from this innovative, local Builder. The design style is rich and warm, with a rustic-chic ambiance that is sure to enchant you with a feeling of comfort and tranquility.

Two behaviors characterize hoarding: acquiring too many possessions and difficulty discarding or getting rid of them when they are no longer useful or needed. When these behaviors lead to enough clutter and disorganization to disrupt or threaten a person’s health or safety, or they lead to significant distress, then hoarding becomes a “disorder." Simply collecting or owning lots of things does not qualify as hoarding.

We want to thank everyone who has made a contribution and who has stepped up in a phenomenal way to help so many people in our community. With your help, we're able to provide: kids with guidance through mentorship; basic necessities to folks who need it; help in preventing senior isolation; and nutrition to folks with compromised health conditions amongst many other amazing, life-changing services and programs.

Entrepreneurship is ready for takeoff at Niagara College. February 4 marked the official launch of ncTakeOff, a new initiative that will expand the college’s entrepreneurship activities across all of its programs; while increasing student access to experts, mentors, events, and opportunities on campus and in the community

This is an open call for the 2nd Annual Priceless juried art auction. Submission is open to all artists working in all photography, painting, print-making, drawing and sculpture. Abstract, expressive, impressionist and realistic styles are all welcome.

For the month of February Studio Twenty is selling paper hearts to raise money for our ride to conquer cancer! $2 for one heart or 3 for $5 At the end of the month there will be a draw for choice a 45 minute massage or a punch card!

The Welland Rose Bonspiel with a Hawaiian Twistwas a huge success and was a fully booked event. Each winner of the yellow rocks received a $25 gift certificate from Mokus Restaurant in Fonthill. There were also prizes for the best Hawaiian themed costume. The losing teams went home with a pineapple!  Organizers and the sponsor look forward to planning another great repeat event next year!

Market activity was brisk across the Niagara in January with 352 transactions reported region wide (excluding Grimsby) reflecting a 19.7% increase over last year’s level of 294 units sold in January. Niagara’s 12-month average price reached $254,046 in January up 5% over last year’s figure of $242,035.

Over the years egg yolks have gotten a bad rap with regards to cholesterol.  It has since been discovered that this only applies if a person is consuming 4 or more eggs per day.  Some of the reasons why the whole egg is a better option than the whites alone are...

There was a time in my past where I excelled at the implementation of new technologies. The IBM PC was created in 1981 and in 1985 I spearheaded a move to  transform the way secondary schools recorded and processed records. In fact. The Director of Education referred to me as the “Cyber Rebel”.

For the past few years, Ross has worked to promote the Pelham Farmers Market through special programs for the young, and the young at heart.

Ross has helped-out at the market for many years with the Kids’ Programs such as KIDS CAN GROW and pumpkin judging.

Wellander Jimmy Summersides knows where he will be come Feb. 3.

He will be in Washington D.C., part of an elite group of Second World War veterans receiving the Congressional Gold Medal.

There is a lot of controversy over dates and diabetes; are they helpful or harmful?  You can read 10 different reports and get 10 different answers.  Some say that dates are very high on the glycemic index putting them at 103 even though the index only typically goes to 100. 

Alyssa’s commitment and dedication to the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council and to the Town’s youth over the past four years truly exemplifies the strengths upon which our community continues to flourish. 

Throughout her time as a member of the MYAC and particularly during her terms on the Executive, she have demonstrated great enthusiasm, energy and a desire to take on new challenges.

Larry began his career in the Financial Services industry with Canada Trust in 1981. Through his 20 years at Canada Trust and TD Canada Trust, Larry held a number of management positions as well as Loans Officer, Regional Coordinator and Senior Financial Advisor. Among his many recognitions, Larry was awarded the prestigious Canada Trust Award of Excellence in 1995.


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