In 2009 Faith Mepham, pictured above, received Bronwyn her Special Skills Dog from Dog Guides Canada to assist her in everyday independent living. Funds for the Bronwyn came from proceeds of the annual Biketoberfest® Harley-Davidson® motorcycle draw held by the Fabulous Fenwick Lions.  The Fenwick Lions have maintained contact with Faith over the past few years and have sponsored her in several Purina Walk for Dog Guides events.

Strong winds or tornadoes have the ability to blow off roofs, or even just to remove shingles that are vital in protecting the home from rain, snow, sleet, or hail. The condition of the roof and the construction of the roof play a major role in determining whether the roof will be able to sustain strong winds. If your roof has been damaged whether large or small it is important to take a few basic steps initially to ensure no further damage.

We left off the other day with happy tales of my visits to Indulgence Bakery and Mossimo’s Pizza in Pelham. The picture above is a slightly dopey smile of pure, unadulterated, carbohydrate-induced contentment. High carb stupor might not make for the most glamorous self-portraits.

We all want a solid financial rock under our feet when we retire. The problem is… it can be hard to save for retirement, especially if you are struggling to pay a mortgage, car loan and credit card debt.The solution? Roll it up.You may be able to roll your existing high interest debt into your mortgage. You’ll be shocked by what you can save in interest.....Jason Vokey, Mortgage Agent

2015 is the year of significant reviews of provincial policies. The Niagara Escarpment Plan, the Oak Ridges Moraine Plan , the Greenbelt Plan as well as the Growth Strategy Plan are all up for review. In addition there are plans to review the Metrolinx plan, the Wetlands policies and the Conservation Authority policies.


Over the last couple of weeks, Council approved some key recommendations of the Architectural Design Advisory Committee for the potential multi-faceted community centre.  You will recall that during 2013-14 Council worked together with LeisurePlan International and the community to develop a market analysis, business case study, and facilities review regarding arena and community centre desires.


To Maintain Healthy Hair: You might think you can economize by leaving this until after you return from your holidays, but get your hair in good shape and condition before you go away and you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor.


Guest video post by Kurtis McCartney

Coldest Night of the Year walk video from Welland 2015 in support of anti-poverty initiatives led by the Open Arms Mission.

Since 1994 the Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Awards (NEYA) have been honouring enterprising people whose businesses have made significant differences in the community, and in our lives. The awards are a symbol of achievement for those innovative entrepreneurs who provide inspiration, exemplify excellence and carry out their unique vision.

This year Social Media Club Niagara launched their 1st Annual Social Media Club Niagara Awards 'to show off the awesome work that individuals, businesses, non-profits, agencies and students are doing with social media' and to celebrate the Club's 6th anniversary. myNiagara Online is honoured to have been nominated in the "BUSINESS" Category

Hands down, blogging is one of the most cost effective and easy ways to market your business. So why do so many small businesses resist it? True, it takes some commitment and creativity, but conveniently these are the same skills required for entrepreneurship.

Council approved the updated terms of reference for the Grant Award Committee, Pelham Active Transportation Committee, Summerfest Committee, Pelham Seniors’ Advisory Committee and the Community Beautification Committee (formerly the Communities in Bloom Committee) to better align them with the Strategic Goals. Applications are now being accepted for all of the committees, as well as a Livestock Valuer, Fenceviewer and Poundkeeper, by the Town Clerk until March 2, 2015. Visit for more information.

Here is a list of 10 of the most common and dangerous food additives found in processed, packaged foods.   I would love to list all of the food additives but there are more than 3000 different chemicals that are used in preparing foods for sale to consumers.

Salon Allegra will be closed from March 1 to March 15th.  We will be open for March Break, so please plan to visit then!


Did you know that some foods help your hair to grow faster?  Read on to find out which ones should be increased in your diet for healthy, longer locks!


Check out our awesome March Break available for viewing. We have many programs, something for everyone, happening every day!! Don't wait till last minute to sign up as these programs fill up quickly. Registration is required, and payment must be made with registration. No refunds available.

The Professional Referral Group, which meets bi-weekly at Keith's Restaurant, would like to introduce you to a few people in your neighborhood!  Financial Divorce Solutions works with individuals and couples to help them make the best financial decisions during an emotional and stressful time.  Divorce is one of the fastest ways to destroy wealth.  I help to create alternative solutions that work to preserve their wealth and create better outcome options.



While thinking about what to write for this week’s blog, I remembered an assignment I had while I was a student in University for my Translation Theory course. The assignment was to read Michel Tremblay’s play Albertine en Cinq Temps and compare it the English translation Albertine in Five Times.

I don’t want to give away too much as far as the plot of the play, but once I explain basically what it’s about, you’ll understand why I jumped at the chance to analyze it.

Spirits were high as customers packed out My Place Bar and Grill to celebrate the restaurant's 6th anniversary. Pelham's own Mediterranean escape offers a diverse menu, including thin crust pizzas, pastas, steaks, seafood, chicken, fresh salads and so much more!

Sometimes the best days are the ones that aren’t planned.

Every Saturday so far this winter, Ken and I have made a point of getting out and doing something fun in the Niagara region. This has been great – first, because we both loathe winter and need to find ways to make it fun. Second, because there really is a lot still going on in Niagara in winter – more than I realized


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