Even men are faced with endless choices and countless decisions when it comes to hair styles and care. We all want to keep that “fresh-from-the-salon” look going for as long as we can. Here are some helpful tips on products, hair colour, shampoos and conditioners especially with men in mind.

Mayor Dave Augustyn’s Column for the week of 7 December 2015

Since that’s a lot of talk and media coverage about things like debt, deficits, and government spending, I wanted to add a few observations here.

While the Provincial and Federal governments can run deficits, Towns and Cities cannot.

What’s the secret to getting my home sold in today’s real estate market? With more homes on the real estate market, you need to make yours stand out.

Properly prepared homes will sell quicker and for a better price. When you list your home with RE/MAX Team Berkhout Bosse we provide you with our complete RE/MAX “Fit to Sell" homeowner package, giving you the secrets on how to stage your home so that buyers get the best first impression when viewing your property – inside and out.

Wow! Pelham is indeed a generous town. From the packed Lions Hall at 9am this morning, to the generous donations found at so many doors and driveways, to the many cheques and cash donations, to the eager kids and adults who helped collect, consolidate, sort, and repack the food, to the extremely kind and generous businesses who donated coffee, hot chocolate, sausage on a bun tickets, and soup, as well as those businesses whose paid advertisements in the papers announced the food drive, all proving what a truly generous town this is. 

Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas at Studio Twenty with free classes, specials and great gift ideas!


When planets form specific geometric angles to one another, the potential for our growth process is super-charged. Perhaps it’s because the photon stream is affected by the gravity change when planets form those angles. The Saturn/Neptune square is an awesome opportunity for all of us. Learn how to use the energies from this Square so you too can turn your dreams in to reality.


With year-end quickly approaching, your "to do" list is likely to grow. Make sure a portfolio review is part of your list. Market volatility has increased and economic conditions are shifting, so now is an important time to assess your progress. Consider the following checklist as a guide.



There is nothing like a well-groomed man to make a girl’s heart flutter, or impress a potential boss. Men are often intimidated when they have their legs, face, back or chest waxed, whether it is because of having a “macho” image, or they are worried about the pain. You can see many horror waxing-videos on YouTube, but you need to remember that those people are Not professionals. By going to a professional to get a wax or sugaring, you are in the safe hands of someone with experience. You will save time, energy and emotions. When you do go to a professional, stay relaxed during the procedure. The professional will use the right kind of wax or sugar, and the right thickness for each part of your body.

For many Canadians, mortgage payments are their single biggest expense. Yet most don’t comparison shop to ensure they’re getting the best mortgage rate and terms available, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars over their mortgage years. Don’t make the same mistake! Here are 10 reasons why you need a mortgage broker working for you.


Please note that an increased number of calls have been reported in the Niagara Region this week from the number 613-927-9765.  Please read the following press release from The Canada Revenue Agency.


Mokus Restaurant of Fonthill is seeking a part-time server.

Book your holiday party or family get-together at one of Niagara's favourite restaurants! Menus to suit every taste and budget for groups up to 80 people.

Fonthill Bandshell Survey 2015 summary:   Age: 90% of attendees are 50 and older; Attendance: 60% have been attending for 5 or more years & 83% attended five or more concerts....

Congratulations to Health Over All team, Dr. Jordin Wiggins, Jillian Bevan and Joanne Hancock on the grand opening if their clinic on Saturday, November 28th!

This Christmas season we're dedicated to helping the community of Pelham have a healthier New Year by collecting donations of PERSONAL CARE ITEMS in support of Pelham Cares. For each personal hygiene product donated you will earn a ticket in our draw to win 6 months of mat classes, one pair of ToeSox and a Flex-band, a prize worth $500! (No cash substitution, mat classes only)


Many volunteers could be seen around Pelham bright and early this past week putting up evergreen boughs beautifying Pelham for the Season!  Even if you do not believe in Santa, you can believe in the do-good spirit of our many volunteers!


If you’ve ever endured the struggle with limp hair, here is some hope. Tracy Stryker from Salon Allegra, has provided some help to understand this condition and tips as to what can be done about it.

Did you hear the great news? We are now taking bookings for our new golf simulators at Peninsula Lakes Golf Club. Join us in the Great Indoors!


Escape ladders are portable roll-up or foldable ladders, which can be dropped out the window to evacuate the building during an emergency. They should not be confused with fire escapes, which are fixed stairs that have been erected off the building. Escape ladders work somewhat like boat ladders. They are generally made from aluminum or heavy plastic chain with rigid bars as the rungs of the ladder. Escape ladders come in different lengths, as they are made to accommodate either two- or three-storey homes.  You keep the ladder folded up in a box in your bedroom. When you need to use the ladder, you hook the top portion of it over the window sill and drop the rest out of the window.


Ready to get into the holiday decorating spirit? Here are a few pictures courtesy of Pelham's own Images Staged with Flair of her decorating at the 33rd Annual Holiday House Tour of Distinctive Homes in Hamilton and Burlington.


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