Niagara Health System is celebrating our more than 850 dedicated, passionate and hard-working volunteers and auxilians as part of National Volunteer Week April 10-16.

If you’re one of the sensitive ones, you’ve likely felt the impact of the energies bathing the planet lately. Take solace, you aren’t alone :) Many are being called to go within and determine why they are feeling unsettled. Questions around the choices they have made in their lives are coming up for review.

CAA Niagara kicked off its 13th Worst Roads Campaign today with a request for drivers, cyclists, transit riders and pedestrians to advocate for better, safer roads and a renewed call for the provincial and federal governments to dedicate larger amounts of gasoline-tax funds towards infrastructure.

Every year, autism organizations around the world celebrate Autism Awareness Day with unique fundraising and awareness-raising events. Mayor Dave Augustyn was joined by Alex Houlder on behalf of Autism Ontario - Niagara Region Chapter on April 4th for a flag raising at Town Hall. Council’a first proclamation of World Autism Awareness Day was in 2014.

It’s true the uncertainty in the economy is making some Canadians anxious about their financial security. But the current environment is also creating opportunities, given that we expect another year of record-low mortgage rates. Don’t let fear drive your decision making, focus instead on your current situation and your long term goals. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your spring market opportunities.

Kevin Rempel to join more than 1,000 others in Niagara Falls venue of global spinal cord injury fundraiser

NIAGARA FALLS (ON) April 6, 2016 – For Kevin Rempel, competing in this year’s Wings for Life World Run is a story of spinal cord injury coming full circle.

This year marks Lindsey Mill's 20th Anniversary as the Founder and President of Women Bikers Of Niagara.  Lindsey is honoured to have been asked this year to be the Lead Rider and along with her Niagara Women Bikers group she will be leading our local International Female Ride Day on Saturday May 7. 2016.

There are several credits and benefits designed for seniors. Age amount. You can claim this amount if you were 65 years of age or older on December 31, 2015, and your net income is less than $82,353. The maximum amount you may be able to claim is $7,033. Pension income amount.  You may be able to claim up to $2,000 if you reported eligible pension, superannuation, or annuity payments on your return.

Concerned about signing up for one of our amazing Yoga or Pilates classes and missing a class or 2?? Not to worry you have 3 weeks after the session ends to make up a missed class because of sickness, vacation, etc - so don't delay - some sessions are sold out and others are filling up fast !!


The Pelham Art Festival, Ontario's Premier Spring Art Show& Sale, has announced the three artists that will attend Media Day to showcase a selection of the work available at this year's 30th Anniversary Festival.

Linda Kemp

Linda is an internationally renowned and awarded Fonthill watercolour artist, author, and instructor who is returning to the show for our 30 Anniversary.

Beverly Sneath

The success of our Town's signature festival relies heavily on community involvement, including contributions from local and area businesses. Thank you to our most recently confirmed 2016 Sponsors, SILVER SPONSOR: Policella Homes, SILVER SPONSOR:Bissell's Hideaway and BRONZE SPONSOR: Kirkpatrick Stoneworks.

The Province of Ontario, through the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, recently released a white paper for discussion of “The Ontario Wetland Strategy”.  In that paper was a proposal to consider “Biodiversity Offsetting” ( also known as “No net loss” or “conservation banking.”) It considers the possibility of development on wetlands provided that the wetland is restored elsewhere. The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority gave consideration to a response to this idea. They proposed that the government consider a pilot project to scientifically determine if the concept was feasible.


What’s in a name? As with people, the name of a business says a lot about what you can experience inside. A name sets an image, and you definitely want that image to suit the business. With Salon Allegra, this is especially true. Let’s see what is behind the name of this incredible salon.


There is no getting around it – divorce is painful and it can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be a messy and financially devastating life event.  One of the available alternative dispute resolution processes is called Family Mediation.  This process is voluntary, consensual and involves a specially trained neutral professional.  The Mediator helps the parties reach a mutually acceptable agreement. 

Last week I wrote about the elegant design and affordable financing plan for the Pelham Community Centre. Since then, some folks asked me to report again about the projected operating costs and basis for a double arena.

We’ve all been there – choosing to ignore a troubling sound, odour or sign of wear on our vehicles. Whether it’s finding time in your schedule or funds in your checkbook, it’s easy to put off maintenance or repairs, but that can lead to more expensive work down the road. Here are five examples of when time is definitely not on your side.

Local artists are commissioned to make artwork. At the Priceless auction young professionals (YoPros) bid on art pieces by pledging volunteer hours. The YoPro with the highest pledge wins the piece after completing their volunteer hours at a local not-for-profit. Once the hours are complete the winning bidder is presented with their art piece at a NEXTNiagara event/social.

The 2016 concert season promises to be another summer of great music at the Fonthill Bandshell. The ten person volunteer group have put together a sensational line up of musicians including the incredible Jully Black, Canada’s queen of rhythm and blues, and Alex Cuba, one of the coolest talents on the Canadian music scene.  Thirteen shows starting Thursday June 16th.

A Unique Way to Support the Alzheimer Society of Niagara Region Donate some (or all) of your Shoppers Optimum Points to our organization and you make it possible for us to use your points at Shoppers Drug Mart toward the purchase of products and supplies we need for our ongoing operational and fundraising activities.

Niagara residents can pick their worst roads in the region during the 13th CAA Worst Roads Campaign. The 2016 campaign asks for feedback about traffic congestions, poor timing of signals, confusing road signs, potholes, as well as pedestrian and cycling safety.



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