The first real-cold day of the year packs a punch as many head to work and school after the long weekend. Today, some Niagara residents are waking up to car batteries that fail, and others are experiencing car lockouts. With more cold temperatures in the forecast, CAA Niagara is urging drivers to brace themselves for winter driving. Here are the top three things you can do to stay safe while driving this season.

Members of the Maple Acre Advisory Committee and I want your feedback on the design of the renewed Pelham Library Branch in Downtown Fenwick. We invite you to an Open House on Wednesday, January 13 from 4:00 to 8:00 PM at Pelham Fire Station #2 (766 Welland Road) where the architect and builder will display the latest designs.

Don't wait until the last minute... Spaces are still available in all classes!

When you’re working to achieve your financial objectives, you will encounter obstacles. Some of these can be anticipated — for example, you won’t be able to invest as much as you want for retirement because you have to pay for your mortgage. Other challenges can’t be easily anticipated, but you can still plan for them — and you should. 


True wellness is not just the absence of disease.  How many people do you know who just make it through their day? How many times do you use or hear the words - exhausted, unfulfilled or stressed? These feelings permeate North American culture. We have become these adjectives. 

We all know that true change happens internally before we see it manifest on the outer. That’s why getting your honey to pick up his socks might happen once or twice if you nag him enough, but it’s not a behaviour with any staying power because he is avoiding a negative stimulus (your nagging), rather than acting from a value he has internalized.



Look forward to the New Year with hope and confidence that you are sure to be blessed with great things in 2016.

Warm Up With Vinyl Event. Unbeatable Deals! Storewide Savings and free turntable triage!

Images Staged With Flair was asked to stage this model home at 90 Ormond Drive to aid in sales.  So far, four of the six units have sold!  Hurry in, only two are left! 


Super Savings while our renovations are under way. Ask us how we can save you thousands of dollars on your energy bills. Free no hassle quotes, no high pressure sales tactics, just the simple facts. New store front and filter depot opening soon. Stop in and say Hi or give us a call and ask us how we differ from the competition.

View full schedule of Art Classes for Teens, Kids and Adults starting in January 2016.

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Whether you want to build brand awareness, increase traffic to your place of business, bring people to your website, or sell online, the myNiagara Online Social Platform provides you the opportunity to invest in your business while also benefiting our local community.

The winter months are a great opportunity to prepare your home for selling in the Spring.  Team Berkhout Bosse provides a "Pre-Listing Check Up" service to help you compile a list of repairs and upgrades that will bring you the best return on your investment.

Our Pre-Listing process can significantly increase your home’s market value by following a few simple steps to uncover your home’s full potential. In the end, you will attract more potential homebuyers and ultimately increase the listing price of your home.

Do you want readily available information about disasters so that you can be ready? Download the DKI app today!

A successful financial life is like taking a road trip: unless you know where you want to go, you're not going to get there. Just like you would plan a trip, you should map out your finances. Realizing your financial dreams requires goals and a strategy for reaching them. No matter what you want from your financial life, a good plan will get you there faster. 


During the summer, we all seem to understand that we need to care for our hair. We know we need to wear sun block, hats and sunglasses. We keep ourselves, and in turn our hair, moisturized. However, when it comes to winter, we tend to forget to care for our hair. We experience the frizz, the static and the dryness, but do we know we can do something about it? Let’s take a look at winter hair care.

This 2 storey Semi located at 7736 Jubilee Drive in Niagara Falls has been staged with fresh design appeal in order to help attract the First Time Home Buyer demographic. We staged this previously vacant property using selections from our inventory of rental furniture, art work and accessories.

Pelham has earned a reputation for its support of active transportation. We have been recognized with a Bronze Award for being “Walk Friendly” and a Silver Award for being “Bike Friendly.” This is due to the leadership of past and current Town Councils and the volunteer contributions from members of the Pelham Active Transportation Committee (PATC). Last week the members of the PATC met with representatives from the MMM Consulting firm who are initiating an Active Transportation Plan for our community.

The time to relax is when you don't have the time for it. For the busy man on the go this is one service that you will want to make time for.


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