Learn beginner to intermediate skills!

Expect to have plenty of fun and get lots of exercise while learning the skills of this amazing sport!

Contact or 905-892-2607x329 for more information!

Are you a local artist looking to showcase your talents? Participate in Pelham Culture Days September 30th, October 1st & 2nd

If you're looking to promote cultural participation in the community and have an activity that will showcase any form of cultural or artistic expression, you've come to the right place!

Fleetwood Mac Mania is a stunning visual and musical tribute to Fleetwood Mac. Each veteran player in this 5 piece tribute band brings their spirit to re-create, with incredible accuracy, the look and feel of Fleetwood Mac. With the solo hits of Stevie Nicks as part of the show, the harmonies, instrumentation and on-stage chemistry has surprised and captivated audiences from coast-to-coast.

This is a subject that is personal to me. My father served in the U.S. Marine Corp. many years, bravely serving in both the Korean War and Vietnam and he is thankfully still with us today. Over the years, I have discussed his wishes for where he would prefer his military medals, orders and decorations to go when he passes on. Like many veterans, my father is very active with his local American Legion. The camaraderie with his fellow veterans brings him great satisfaction. Most of his collection will be donated to his Legion, the rest I will respectfully keep.

Join Pelham as we celebrate Culture Days – the largest-ever Canada-wide public participation campaign undertaken by the arts and cultural community. From Friday, September 30th until Sunday, October 2nd, 2016, get to know your local artist, cultural workers, organizations and groups by participating in free, hands-on activities at the Pelham Public Library.

There has been a lot of community and media interest recently about the property at 202 Highway 20 West (known as the Timmsdale House), the property at 662 Foss Road, and the Town’s former Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee (MHAC). The facts are as follows...

Are you looking for a chance to be a much appreciated volunteer in the community of Pelham? The Pelham Art Festival is looking for people who are interested in joining the committee to plan for the next Annual Pelham Art Festival to be held on Mother’s Day weekend. If you have an interest in helping to arrange a large well respected Art Show to provide a venue for artists from all over Ontario to show their work at the same time as raising funds to promote the arts in our community, we welcome your help!

The Rotary Club of Fonthill will be the host club for the next 11 months to 15-year-old Leon Van Ruden, a German exchange student from Paderborn-Kaserpfalz.

As September quickly approaches and we’re getting our kids ready to go back to school, it’s important to recognize some children might be returning to the classroom after experiencing a death in the family.  “The freedom of summer schedules may have provided a lot of time with family for support after a death.  It can be panic-inducing when that has to change.  You may be worrying whether your children will struggle.

The Pelham Penguins brought home first place at the Niagara Regional Summer Swim League meet on August 13, 2016. Photo courtesy of Andrea Bourgeois.

Niagara-based charities in need of renovation now have until the end of August to apply to become the recipient of Niagara College’s next Many Hands Project.
The application deadline has been extended to August 31 for the 2016-2017 Many Hands Project – an annual renovation project that enhances, improves and renovates the facilities of a local charitable organization. All aspects of the project are planned, managed and completed by students from NC’s Event Management (post-graduate) and construction studies programs.

In July, Council received a request to designate the property at 202 Highway 20 (known as the Timmsdale House) as a heritage site. Staff investigated and confirmed that neither the previous Municipal Heritage Committee nor the Pelham Historical Society deemed the property suitable or worthy of the designation. Furthermore, the property is not referenced in Pelham’s Heritage Master Plan. Councillors and staff toured the property to review the deteriorating conditions that were further detailed in an engineering report by Mark Shoalts of Shoalts Engineering, a former Pelham Heritage Committee Chair and Ontario Heritage member. Recognizing that the estimated $2.2 million repair cost is financially impractical for the current and potential owners, Council voted unanimously to not designate the property as a heritage site. Instead, the new owners have agreed to work with the Town, the Pelham Historical Society and the Welland Museum to ensure features of merit are removed and re-purposed in the new building that will soon start construction.

The Robert Wood Singers have been performing since 1968 and are now welcoming new members! Rehearsals for the Christmas season will be starting Sept 6th - Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass voices are invited to join in. The chorus sings Pop, Inspirational, Soundtrack, and Holiday music in seasonal shows. Based in Welland, members from around the Peninsula practice weekly on Tuesday evenings. For further information contact Tara Wilson @ 289-723-6518.

Men, receding hairlines aren’t that big of a deal! Finding the best hairstyles for men with receding hairlines can be crucial to maintaining your confidence and avoiding a big change in your appearance. What it really comes down to is the type of hair you have and the receding hairline haircuts that suit your overall look.

Are your kids looking for something new this September? Come join PELHAM'S ONLY YOUTH THEATRE. Sing, Dance, Act and most of all HAVE FUN!
ONLINE REGISTRATION is now open for all Cabar-EH Youth Theatre Classes that start Sept. 2016 . Details re programs and registration can be found at Hope to see you onstage!

These 10 questions should help you Downsize or Declutter:

1. Do I use this regularly?

2. If not, is it something I love?

3. Am I keeping it out of obligation or expectation?

4. Am I holding on to this because I should love it?

5. Am I saving it just-in-case?

6. Do I have more of the same thing?

7. Could something else I own do the same job?

8. Am I holding onto a broken item to fix one day?

9. Is this item worth the time I spend cleaning/storing it?

10. Could I use this space for something else?

Participate in this exciting time! Chronicle the reinvention of the Maple Acre Branch. On Monday, August 22 the Pelham Public Library officially launched a $50,000 fundraising campaign to help purchase furniture, equipment, and technology for the renovated Maple Acre Branch in Fenwick.

In what would prove to be the final game of the season, the Fonthill Dental Midgets sent Jake Nunn  to the mound to contest the finals with Welland.  Nunn pitched 4 strong innings, allowing only 4 runs and inducing several ground ball outs.  The offence handled the rest, posting a dozen runs in the early innings.  The teams 3 senior players concluded their midget careers with Brock Glenney , Eric Matkowski and Wes Gibson showing their leadership and all contributing to the final out. Final score Pelham 12, Welland 7, and a perfect 4-0 playoff weekend record.  The team wishes to thank Dr Albanese of Fonthill Dental for his sponsorship. 


Basketball season is nearly upon us, which means it's time to register for Pelham Basketball! This year promises to be another fantastic year for the Panthers! Registration for the new 2016-2017 season is now open.

So, a bit of an issue brewed throughout the summer: minimum lot sizes for agricultural properties. The issue first arose during a neighbour vs. neighbour clash in an agricultural area in the Northern-part of Pelham.


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