The Fenwick and Fonthill Lions and Lioness held its annual Effective Speaking Contest at the Fenwick Lions Hall on Feb. 23rd.



What do you need to look for when reading a nutrition label on packaged foods? 

Successful “Green Decision Making” event hosted by Niagara Sustainability Initiative held Tuesday, February 24th from 8:00am – 10:00am at the Riverstone Event Centre in Welland, Ontario. NSI members and the public were invited to participate in the “Green Decision Making” event hosted by local not-for-profit organization Niagara Sustainability Initiative. The event facilitated the discovery of strategies to overcome obstacles when completing green projects. NSI members and guests were also able to identify ways to integrate sustainability values into their organization’s decision-making and corporate values.

In 2009 Faith Mepham, pictured above, received Bronwyn her Special Skills Dog from Dog Guides Canada to assist her in everyday independent living. Funds for the Bronwyn came from proceeds of the annual Biketoberfest® Harley-Davidson® motorcycle draw held by the Fabulous Fenwick Lions.  The Fenwick Lions have maintained contact with Faith over the past few years and have sponsored her in several Purina Walk for Dog Guides events.

Strong winds or tornadoes have the ability to blow off roofs, or even just to remove shingles that are vital in protecting the home from rain, snow, sleet, or hail. The condition of the roof and the construction of the roof play a major role in determining whether the roof will be able to sustain strong winds. If your roof has been damaged whether large or small it is important to take a few basic steps initially to ensure no further damage.

We left off the other day with happy tales of my visits to Indulgence Bakery and Mossimo’s Pizza in Pelham. The picture above is a slightly dopey smile of pure, unadulterated, carbohydrate-induced contentment. High carb stupor might not make for the most glamorous self-portraits.

We all want a solid financial rock under our feet when we retire. The problem is… it can be hard to save for retirement, especially if you are struggling to pay a mortgage, car loan and credit card debt.The solution? Roll it up.You may be able to roll your existing high interest debt into your mortgage. You’ll be shocked by what you can save in interest.....Jason Vokey, Mortgage Agent

Savour The Meals…Savour The Deals! Top restaurants throughout Pelham and Welland will be offering a three course dinner menu at the price point of $25, $30 OR $35 and/or lunch menu at $20 or $25 per person.

2015 is the year of significant reviews of provincial policies. The Niagara Escarpment Plan, the Oak Ridges Moraine Plan , the Greenbelt Plan as well as the Growth Strategy Plan are all up for review. In addition there are plans to review the Metrolinx plan, the Wetlands policies and the Conservation Authority policies.



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