Write 2 the Point: 'Humanness is the key to interest'

One of the most important things about translation (and many people don’t think about this) is keeping the writing / the translation interesting.

I maintain that to have a successful translation, it must be interesting and engage the reader. How does one write about something they don’t enjoy and still maintain a level of interest? As a translator, I’ve had to write about a wide variety of subjects, some of them completely foreign to me and by extension difficult to get excited about.  Sometimes the promise of learning something new isn’t enough of an incentive. The best way to overcome the feeling of boredom or “necessity” is to look at the material in a way that does interest you.

For example, if you’re translating a promotional piece about machine parts but one of your areas of interest is psychology, look at the text by analyzing psychological/ sociological aspects of the promotion.  What kinds of words and methods do they use to persuade? What’s the overall tone of the piece?  What is the writer trying to convey the most? How can you, as the translator, get all that information across?

There’s always a way to make even the most challenging subject matter interesting for yourself and others. Most of the time, it’s just a matter of getting back to basic humanness.

Annette Labbé is Owner and lead translator at Write 2 the Point.  Annette established her business in 2011. She has been translating since 2009, writing professionally since 2007, but it has been her lifelong dream to do so. From 2007-2008 she wrote a weekly pop culture column that ran for 71 weeks or so in the Welland Tribune. She is a member of the Welland-Pelham Chamber of Commerce.
Annette Labbé was born and raised in the Niagara Region, attended French-language schools (elementary school and high school) and subsequently obtained the degree Bachelor of Arts with Major English and Professional Writing, Minor in French from Brock University. While in University she was on the Dean’s Honours List.
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