Who Cares for your Home When You're Away? Get a Retired Police Officer and Leave with Peace of Mind

With the early cold snap this September, a lot of people will be thinking about heading south for the winter.  For the property owner who wants peace of mind knowing their property is well taken care of while they are on holiday or away for any length of time, there is Ross Tennent of Cottage Coppers.

Cottage Coppers is a network of retired Police Officers and Professional Fire Fighters who live in the communities where you live and vacation throughout the province,providing property services for all residential and cottage owners including seniors and snowbirds, services include property checks, pre and post rental inspections, key transfers storm checks, senior well being checks, etc. Insured, bonded and licensed.

Ross Tennent, the local Cottage Coppers inspector is a member of the Welland/Pelham Chamber of Commerce and covers the Welland/Pelham area.  Ross is a retired senior constable from the Halton Regional Police Department.

Property Checks
Insurance industry approved, professional property checks at your home and cottage.  Performed at regular intervals and on an "as needed" basis, as in the case of Severe Weather  checks.

Alarm Calls
You can have your Inspector given "key holder" status with your alarm company so that we can respond to alarm calls at your property on your behalf. You'll then have a professional,  experienced Inspector attend to ensure that everything is in order or decide if police or other services are required. 

Maintenance Services
What ever you need done, just ask. We provide various maintenance services that keep up your property value while saving you time and effort and at very affordable rates.

Trades People
You may have access to our list of trusted trades people in your area, who can provide their services to you at prices we know are fair.