Water Quality in Pelham

The Town of Pelham is committed to providing a safe, consistent supply of drinking water to the consumers in the Town of Pelham. The Town has implemented and continues to maintain a Quality Management System (QMS), and will endeavour to continually improve the QMS through regular review, evaluation, and action. 

Below is information about the Town of Pelham's drinking water and links to quality reports. 

In 2007 Legislation related to water sampling was revised to include the annual sampling for lead. Water quality reports are published on the Town of Pelham’s website at  https://www.pelham.ca/en/living-here/water-and-wastewater-maintenance.aspx.

A History

Lead was typically used as a water service pipe material however has not been found to be used by the Town of Pelham. Historically water services installed by the Town were, and continue to be copper, with some older steel lines still in operation. If residents are concerned, they should check their service material where it enters the home. 

What can you do?

Residents concerned about lead in their drinking water can flush their taps before using or drinking water after it has been standing in their plumbing overnight or during times of non-use or complete a lead sample of their water. The Town will not test the water in private residences on request. Only Labs accredited by CALA - Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation for lead sampling should be used for this test. Find a lab in the area.

The Ontario drinking water quality standard for lead is 10 micrograms per litre. You may also see this standard written as 10 μg/L or as 0.010 milligrams per litre. 

Lead samples taken from the Town of Pelham Distribution system range between 0.00005mg/L and 0.00067mg/L.

Other information 

Under the Safe Drinking Water Act every school or child care facility must flush and test for lead regularly. More information can be found here https://www.ontario.ca/page/flushing-and-sampling-lead

Our water is supplied by the Region of Niagara from the Welland Water Treatment Plant. Regional Water Quality Reports can be found here https://www.niagararegion.ca/living/water/water-quality-reports/welland/default.aspx