Unanimous Support for Inter-municipal Transit

Niagara's local area municipalities have unanimously supported a Regional bylaw that grants the Region authority to establish, operate and maintain an inter-municipal transit system.

This means Niagara Region can continue alongside St. Catharines, Niagara Falls and Welland in creating a single, consolidated transit system for Niagara. It also means Niagara Region Transit can begin to transition from a pilot program to a more permanent service.

The bylaw required support from a majority of Niagara’s local municipalities, representing the majority of Niagara electors.

The bylaw not only solidifies Niagara Region’s place as a transit provider in Niagara, it generated valuable feedback and discussion between all of Niagara’s municipalities that will be crucial in the design of Niagara’s forthcoming inter-municipal transit system.

Work will now get underway to prepare Niagara for a shared transit solution, and future transit infrastructure improvements, such as the implementation of daily GO train service. 

The move toward a unified inter-municipal transit system was the result of a comprehensive report titled “Niagara Transit Service Delivery and Governance Strategy.”  The report, which was based on comprehensive community consultation, calls for the creation of a consolidated transit service to provide inter-municipal transit service to all of Niagara.


"This is an exciting step forward to building a transit solution for all of Niagara’s diverse communities. Moving Niagara toward an inter-municipal transit system is another great example of the progress we can make when all of Niagara pull in the same direction. As Regional Chair, I’m encouraged by the collaboration between all of our partners toward a shared goal for the benefit of all Niagara residents." ~ Regional Chair Alan Caslin

"Improving inter-municipal transit is improving the Niagara region. It’s as simple as that. We have proven that we are all on board as we move ahead to next steps to a more efficient and more streamlined transit system that works for people all over Niagara." ~ Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati

"This is a major milestone for Niagara and I’m very proud of the progress we’ve made to garner unanimous support for inter-municipal transit. While there is more work ahead, the unanimous support of Niagara’s 12 municipal councils is a critical step forward in strengthening our collective prosperity, growth and development as a regional economy." ~ St. Catharines Mayor Walter Sendzik

"The success of Niagara’s economic growth depends on unity from all twelve municipalities. Unanimous support for an inter-municipal public transit system will link our communities, and move Niagara forward as a region that values interconnection and collaboration." ~ Welland Mayor Frank Campion