Town of Pelham continues work toward Cannabis regulations and policies

The Town of Pelham’s Interim Control Bylaw regarding Cannabis related land uses is being challenged in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice by Leviathan Cannabis Group, through a subsidiary, Woodstock Biomed Inc.

The Town is fully prepared to defend its legal rights and the integrity of its interim control bylaw in court.  

“The Town of Pelham instituted an Interim Control Bylaw  (ICB) in October, 2018, so as to provide itself with the time necessary to determine how best to juggle the competing needs of the new Cannabis industry with the needs of residents who reasonably expect to be protected from the well documented nuisances associated with Cannabis production”, said CAO David Cribbs. “The Town is fully confident that its Interim Control By-Law constitutes an appropriate, measured response in these challenging circumstances and will take all necessary and appropriate steps to defend the integrity of the By-Law.”   

The ICB is scheduled to expire on October 15, 2019, and Pelham Town Council has scheduled meetings on September 23, and October 7, to determine direction on proposed regulations and a possible extension to the ICB.

Leviathan’s legal challenge will likely be discussed at the September 10, 2019, 5:30 p.m. public meeting at the Meridian Community Centre. 

Currently, agenda topics include the review of proposed Cannabis regulations contained in five separate draft bylaws.  

Residents are invited to speak and ask questions as they pertain to the draft bylaws and proposed regulations.