Strategic Alliances: Gail Belchior, Financial Divorce Solutions

How long have you been a member of the Professional Referral Group (PRG) and what was your motivation to join?

My decision to join the Professional Referral Group a few years ago was based on the quality of other professionals within the group and the various professional sectors they represented.  Building my own network of trusted professionals allows me to provide my clients with a few contacts when they are in need of specific services.  As a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist and Family Mediator it is very important that I remain a “financial & mediator neutral” so I always try to give my clients at least a couple of quality contacts when needed.   

How have your clients/customers benefited from your association with the PRG?  How have you benefited from your association with the PRG?          

Over the years my clients have used the connections I have with the Professional Referral Group to help them solve problems and reach specific goals.  When a referral is needed, a short introduction makes it is easy for my clients to set up appointments and discuss their particular needs.  For me, knowing that a strong commitment to integrity and professionalism is a core aspect of the referral group allows me to feel confident that my clients will be well-served.

Briefly, tell us about one referral you are particularly pleased about.

A recent referral to the TD Mobile Mortgage Specialist, Christine Hoover, has allowed my clients to look at multiple options for dealing with current home financing needs.  On another occasion, Christine was most helpful with a newly separated spouse who needed refinancing to meet her net family property equalization payment.  Again, Christine was a valuable resource for me in being able to connect my client to the services she needed to help solve this particular financial challenge.  It is never easy to move through the separation or divorce process and having the Professional Referral Group connections helps me to help my clients make that transition as smoothly as possible.

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The Professional Referral Group

The Professional Referral Group is a referral group comprised of trustworthy, reliable and knowledgeable professionals located in Pelham, Fonthill and the surrounding communities.

All members of the PRG have been screened to ensure they meet our high standards.  We only accept companies we can recommend. These are the people WE trust and refer. We hope you will too.

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