Save The Date: Rejoice! Day Retreat

Join us for a day of relaxing and rejoicing at Henry of Pelham Winery! Together on February 15th we will breathe the warmth of love into our souls with a day of gentle healing through Yogic movement, art and meditation. 

The day includes a guided meditation in which we will create a beautiful work of stitchery with artist Stephanie Rehkopf. We will listen to our inner self as we experience new ways to breathe for balance and health. A deep relaxation with gong sound bath will be played while Rev. Kelly Kingsland applies Reiki healing energy to everyone. We will end the day with a gentle hatha yoga class taught by yoga Siromani Erin Savage.  

We will be experiencing bliss at Henry of Pelham Winery February 15th from 10am-4pm. Your day includes a delicious glass of wine and lunch. $165/pp

10:00 Opening and Introduction to Yogic Breathing Techniques (Pranayama) 

11:00 Break 

11:15 Healing Sound Bath with Reiki provided by Rev. Kelly Kingsland 

12:15 Lunch 

1:15 Meditative Stitchwork with artist Stephanie O'neal 

2:15 Break 

2:30 Gentle Hatha Yoga 

3:30 Closing