RENOUVEAU LIH Donate Thrift Shop Opening September 20th - Your Donations Make a Difference

Our thrift store encourages sustainability through recycling and reusing goods while empowering our local and international communities through a variety of support programs and initiatives.

Making a Donation: Please drop off donations during store hours. It is best not to leave the items outside our door overnight.

STORE HOURS: Monday-Saturday (9am-5pm); Sunday: CLOSED

GREATLY APPRECIATED ITEMS: Books, Shoes, Gently used clothing, Jewellery, Linens, Towels and Bedding Linens, Draperies,  Dishes, Electronics (cell phones & PDAs, laptops, tablets) All cloth items, Small household items, Kitchenware etc…..

WE DON’T ACCEPT: Food, Automobile parts, Mattresses, Construction materials, Furniture, Large appliances, batteries, paints, cleaning products) Flammable products (i.e. gas cans, torches, etc.) Infant products (i.e. car seats, cribs, etc.) Helmets, Marine vessels (i.e. boats, canoes, kayaks, etc.), Animals

THANK YOU! Your donations and purchases make a difference, not just in the immediate community, but also in other countries around the world.