Recreation and Park Month in Canada

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WHEREAS, in the Town of Pelham, we are fortunate to have a variety of recreation and parks systems providing countless recreational opportunities for residents and visitors from around the world; and

WHEREAS, recreation enhances quality of life, balanced living and lifelong learning; helps people live happier and longer; develops skills and positive self-image in children and youth; develops creativity; and builds healthy bodies and positive lifestyles; and

WHEREAS, recreational participation builds family unity and social capital; strengthens volunteer and community development; enhances social interaction; creates community pride and vitality; and promotes sensitivity and understanding to cultural diversity; and

WHEREAS,parks, open space and trails provide active and passive outdoor recreation opportunities, help maintain clean air and water; and promotes stewardship of the natural environment; and

WHEREAS, recreation, therapeutic recreation and leisure education are essential to the rehabilitation of individuals who have become ill or disabled, or disadvantaged, or who have demonstrated anti-social behavior; and

WHEREAS, the benefits provided by recreation programs, services and parks, and open space, reduce healthcare and social service costs; serve to boost the economy, economic renewal and sustainability; enhance property values; attract new business; increase tourism; and curb employee absenteeism; and

WHEREAS, all levels of government, the voluntary sector and private enterprise throughout the Province participate in the planning, development and operation of recreation and parks program, services and facilities;

NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved that Ontario does hereby proclaim that June, which witnesses the greening of Ontario and serves as a significant gateway to family activities, has been designated as Recreation and Parks Month, which will annually recognize and celebrate the benefits derived year round from quality public and private recreation and parks resources at the local, regional and provincial levels.

NOW THEREFORE,  I, Mayor Dave Augustyn, do hereby proclaim and declare that the month of June to be “Recreation and Parks Month”  in the Municipality of the Town of Pelham, in recognition of the benefits and values of Recreation and Parks.