Personal Care Tips for Vacationers

To Maintain Healthy Hair: You might think you can economize by leaving this until after you return from your holidays, but get your hair in good shape and condition before you go away and you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor. It is the perfect opportunity to have any damaged or split ends cut-off before exposure to the sun and sea or chlorinated water. Have a glossing colour treatment, too, to protect and preserve your colour, and give it a healthy sheen. You’ll feel like a million dollars before you even step foot on the plane!

Colour: If you're planning to have your hair highlighted before you go on holiday, get your hair  done two or three shades darker than normal. The sun will naturally lift your hair colour those extra shades.
Condition: It's a good idea to treat your hair to regular deep conditioning treatments a couple of weeks before your departure date, so that it's in peak condition for your holiday. Continue the treatments every three or four days while you are away and then every three to four weeks after you get back, to maintain the hair's moisture levels.
Sugar and Waxing: To be able to enjoy smooth skin throughout your vacation, I’d recommend getting a waxing//sugaring service two to three days before break for the best results.