PenFinancial looks to share their ‘Truly Local Advice’ with Niagara

PenFinancial Credit Union has launched their first ever financial advice blog and it strives to be anything but the status quo. Filled with real member stories, laughs and financial insights, the Truly Local Advice authors want to connect with readers on a much deeper level, rather than simply providing cookie-cutter financial advice.

The blog authors, who are also PenFinancial Advisors, come equipped with a broad range of experience and backgrounds to allow them engage with readers in all stages of life. It’s this very same experience and background that helps them produce stories and content, as it relates to their conversations with members each and every day.

Financial Advisor and Truly Local Advice Author, Rob Taylor says, “Financial advice can sometimes be boring, intimidating and in some cases unrealistic. Our goal with Truly Local Advice is to get Niagara comfortable with money talk, by providing real-life examples and advice that is relevant to our region.”

Truly Local Advice will feature a new post bi-weekly. All posts can be viewed at

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