PenFinancial: Get To Know Your Truly Local Bank

Established roots PenFinancial Credit Union has been nurtured for over 60 years right here in Niagara. We serve over 21, 000 members and our roots are firmly planted in Niagara soil. We take pride in providing our members with the exceptional rates on banking products and services that they want, with the expert advice that they expect for every stage of life. 

Let’s grow together PenFinancial is owned by members. When you open an account with us you become a member, hold a share, and have a say. We are locally based and owned by residents of our community, so growing and nurturing your financial health is important to us. Credit Unions offer the same competitive rates and services that banks do, except all the decisions about the types of products we provide and the investments we offer are all made locally, In a nutshell, banks make decisions to increase profits for their shareholders while credit unions, like us, make decisions based on your best interests.

We are dedicated to being the best financial institution in the Niagara Peninsula and taking care of Members’ financial needs as if they were our own. We stretch and strive to continuously improve our efficiencies, enhance services, and secure growth while ensuring financial accountability and encouraging social responsibility. 

Fast facts

• Serving the Niagara Peninsula with roots firmly planted in Niagara soil. • Over 21,000 members strong
• Over $630 million in total assets under management
• Anyone can join PenFinancial Credit Union

• 100% owned by members
• 8 branches and one Commercial Business Centre, two Credential Securities offices and 12 ATMs
• Offers the same competitive financial products that banks do, except all the decisions about the types and products PenFinancial offers are all made locally

• All deposits are reinvested in the Niagara Region by providing loans and mortgages to friends and neighbours and investing in community events and activities that help make Niagara strong and vibrant
• PenFinancial is a member of the DING-FREE Network. This network provides members with access to an expanded network of full function ABMs. Financial institutions that are Members of THE DING-FREE Network operate a network of over 2,400 ABMs across Canada (45 in Niagara alone)

• Members have access to their account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week t hrough our mobile app, ATMs and online banking.

• 100 employees in Niagara