Pelham water systems to be flushed in spring, summer

Water flowing out of hydrants will be a common scene over the next few months as the Town of Pelham flushes drinking water systems in Fenwick and Fonthill.

The systems will be flushed this spring and into the summer during weekday business hours. The water entering the mains after treatment is of a very high quality. Over time sediment builds up in the pipes, particularly with slow moving water. Water quality is the highest priority in delivering water to our consumers.

Without regular maintenance, water can slow down and customers could occasionally receive discoloured water, mostly due to surges in the flow, such as fire-fighting or a burst water main. Too much sediment can also affect the taste, clarity, and colour of water.

Generally, letting taps run for a short period of time will eliminate discolouration. If you experience dirty water, run your cold water taps and garden hoses until the water runs clear.

“Flushing gives our water operators an opportunity to see and feel how the distribution system is performing, said Andrea Clemencio, director of public works. “We’re not just flushing water, we’re inspecting fire hydrants for condition and operation, we’re logging system pressure, observing flows, and performing field tests to ensure the system is functioning properly and the water is safe to drink.”

A specialist team of operators create plans to systematically clean all of the water mains in the urban area. The Town open hydrants on the water mains, one at a time, across the area to flush the water through the mains at high speed. Please use caution if in the area of a flushing hydrant.

If problems of discolouration or sediment in the water after flushing occur, please notify the Town of Pelham public works department at 905-892-2607 ext 332.