Niagara Community Foundation: 2015 Environmental Grant Announcement

Deadline is noon on Monday, December 8, 2014

Our Environmental Grants Program focuses on bringing more partners together in our community to create a collaborative approach to meeting the environmental challenges we are facing.
Our Grants Program supports Rural and Urban environment projects.  Additionally, we welcome applications from Volunteer Groups and Youth Led Initiatives that meet the eligibility requirements (see below). 
Grant Making Priorities
  • Protect and/or restore environmental integrity of the shorelines
  • Protect and/or improve the water of Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and related tributaries
  • Protect, improve or restore aquatic habitats for fish and wildlife
  • Establish and/or improve rural and urban space, tree planting/urban canopies which are linked to water quality
  • Provide education and awareness of the above listed priorities

 Download 2015 Environmental Grant Application.