Movement Unlimited Open House - a Fun, Interactive and Informative Day

Known for their Pilates expertise, so many visitors were pleasantly surprized with how much more they had to offer.   As well as the expected Pilates workshop, attendees had a chance to participate in free Meditation, Yoga, Nordic Walking, Functional Flexibility, TRX and Golf Conditioning workshops.

Along with the workshops, there was also a smoothie demo, led by Alisha Davies a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.  Other practitioners were on hand to offer a variety of treatments.  Bowen Therapy, Nutritional counselling, Mental Health counselling and a Naturopath are all on staff and had a variety of stations to offer information and workshop sign up.

Allison Kares has created a comprehensive location for fitness and wellness for all, male or female, young to life experienced.  Congratulations on a successful day.