Govern in a Fiscally Responsible Way

Govern in a fiscally responsible way which enhances the community’s financial health. 

What does this statement really mean?  To be fiscally responsible one must be prepared to manage the assets of the community in a way which results in financial strength and economic growth. The resulting financial strength will allow the Town to be responsive to the needs of its citizens. By developing appropriate policies which determine how the assets of the community are to be managed, by incorporating new technology and by exploring new ways of delivering Town services; I believe we can create stability and sustainability for the future of the Town of Pelham.

We must identify what the Town’s main areas of responsibility are and develop methods to deliver on them in the most efficient and most economical way. Services which are not core to what we do should be left to the private sector. A recent example is the contracting out of janitorial services in the new Community centre which resulted in a savings of a minimum of $30,000.00 over keeping this service in house. This decision not only saved the Town money it provided an economic stimulus in the private sector. Consultation with Council, Staff and the Public should be undertaken to identify these main areas of service and what is the best way to deliver them.

We must always take a businesslike approach to all that we do recognizing that in many instances services that we provide are not profit driven but are service driven. We must ensure that we are providing these services in the most economical and efficient manner. Our purchasing methods must be state of the art, our staff must be well trained, our budgeting must be accurate, our tendering must be efficient and timely and our contract management must be intelligent and aggressive.

Council and Senior staff must understand the assets that the Town owns. We must understand their strategic importance for today and for the future. Once Council and staff have this knowledge, they will be able manage and utilize these assets for the betterment of the community.

Lastly Council and Staff need to understand the financial tools that are available to them. Understanding and developing or improving policies which provide guidance with respect to investment, debt, reserves and asset management will lead to Stability and Sustainability for the Community. 

Fiscal responsibility implies that we use the financial tools available to us to invest in our community in a way which maintains and improves our assets, creates or maintains jobs, delivers needed services in the best way possible and creates wealth across the community. 

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~Gary Accursi


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