Getting To Know You: Meet Rebecca - Pre-Natal Yoga Instructor

Meet the newest addition to our name Rebecca! Rebecca will be teaching Pre-Natal Yoga every Wednesday at 7 pm starting January 22nd!

Give us a call at 905-892-1239 to sign up.

My journey with yoga began at a young age. Originally it was the physical poses that brought me to my mat, but I soon felt the gentle shifts yoga could create in my life off my mat. My practice has challenged me to focus on the present moment, grow stronger, calmer and more self-aware and become in tune with the connection between the body, the brain and the mind.

I am passionate about living holistically. I use my background as an Occupational Therapist with the soulful, spiritual and mindful aspects of yoga to encourage others to feel happy and healthy in their lives.

Yoga encourages me to maintain balance in life while working as an Occupational Therapist and respiratory educator. I have experienced the remarkable way yoga builds supportive communities that generate self-acceptance and health where individuals seek to empower others rather than seeing them as competition.

After years of developing my own yoga practice, I started to dig deeper, interested in reading and learning about how mindfulness, stilling the brain, and moving the body can positively influence our health.

I have recently taken an interest in pelvic floor health and the connection it has with the rest of our body and the changes which occur in the pelvic during pregnancy. My love for learning lead me to additional professional development courses through Pelvic Health Solutions as well as completing my pre-natal yoga teacher training.

In my classes students can expect that while guiding them through their yoga practice I will hold space for them as they move through their own journey in the present moment. Students can expect to be challenged physically and mentally while still leaving feeling peaceful and nourished. In addition to bringing awareness to the physical movements, I spend time drawing student’s awareness inward by focus on deepening and working with our breath.