Gas Saving Tips

Don’t look now, but gas prices are on the rise again. These fuel saving tips can help you achieve better gas mileage, extend vehicle life and improve performance and power of your vehicle.

Don’t Overfill
New cars have an automatic stop when the tank is full. Adding a few extra squirts to reach an even amount on the price readout or to top it up usually just wastes fuel.

Remove Snow Tires
As soon as the good weather hits, change your tires. Travelling on deep tire treads really robs fuel.

Eliminate Jack-Rabbit Starts
Accelerate slowly when starting from a dead stop. Don’t push pedal down more than ¼ of the total foot travel. This allows the carburetor to function at peak efficiency.

Change Gears
Traveling at fast rates in low gears can consume up to 45% more fuel than is needed

Say NO to High Grade Fuel, if your car doesn’t need it
There is no Horsepower or mileage to be gained, If it doesn’t need it, you are wasting cash. Check your owner’s manual for the requirements.

Inflate All Tires to Maximum Limit
Each tire should be periodically spun, balanced and checked. When shopping for new tires, get large diameter tires for rear wheels. Radial designs are recognized fuel savers. Check manual for maximum tire pressure.

Have a safe and Happy Summer! Prepared by Reuter & Reilly Insurance Brokers