Game Development Students to Unveil Projects

Imagine being an archer in flight, controlling your arrows through a magical medieval setting; or fending off waves of enemies in a trapped western city of Copper Canyon.

These are just two original student-created games that will be on display at Niagara College’s second annual Game Development Launch April 16.

More than 200 guests are expected to attend this invite-only event that will showcase the creativity and technological skills of the College’s second- and third-year Game Development students. Guests will have an opportunity to see and play interactive video games created during the 2014-2015 academic year, hear about what sparked ideas for the games and about the challenges students faced creating them, and learn about the College’s Game Development program and the gaming industry.

“Creating both a visually stimulating and mentally challenging interactive game is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s gaming industry,” said Game Development program coordinator Rick Goertz. “This advanced diploma program is designed specifically to prepare students for work in the digital game and interactive media industry. The annual showcase is the culmination of their efforts.”

The games were produced in collaboration with students from other program areas at the College. Acting students performed voice components in several games; Broadcasting: Radio, Television and Film students conducted recording sessions in studio and compiled sound effects; and Graphic Design students created posters for each game.

Niagara College’s three-year Game Development advanced diploma program trains students for the exciting digital game and interactive media industry. Graduates are prepared to pursue high-demand careers in areas such as game software production and development, game world content and design, environment and character modelling, 2D and 3D animation, special effects art, artificial intelligence development, Graphical User Interface Design, and more. For program information visit

Watch #myNCstory Game Development video here: