We have had a sighting of a large coyote behind Beechwood Crescent / Kunda Park area  Though it is not normal for a coyote to approach a human, they will in fact approach a dog, cat or any other small animal if given the opportunity. The MNR is advising to keep your dogs leashed and close to you while out walking and ensure cats remain indoors especially during dusk to dawn when coyotes are most active.  Please always be aware of your surroundings when out walking. Should you have a coyote sighting or concern, please call the Ministry of Natural Resources at 905-562-4147.   Attached is a link to Coyote Watch Canada, a very informative website pertaining to coyotes.  As well, from January to March is mating season for the coyotes.  Whereas they will come a little closer and pose more of a threat to household pets that are outside.  A link has also been posted below on how to minimize the threats they may cause.