Council Highlights: November 2, 2015


Jodi Krah from the Fonthill Habitat for Humanity Re-Store updated Council on the sucess of the store that opened in Pelham just this past April. In upholding the motto "Don’t Dump it. Donate it!", the Fonthill Re- Store will divert approximately 2.3 million pounds of waste annually. To learn more about donation options, the salvage program and e-waste program, visit the store at 2499 Highway 20 East. Habitat for Humanity CEO Alistair Davis invited Council to work together by developing a Habitat Pelham Steering Committee and asked them to help find a suitable parcel of land in Pelham to build a habitat home. 


On October 31, 2015 the Town of Pelham hosted a public information session to help residents “Get to Know Your Municipal Drains.” The Town’s Drainage Suprientendent delivered a comprehensive presentation into the Drainage Act and helped answer many resident questions. Council asked staff to prepare a report based on outcomes of the public information session and to prepare a policy on municipal drains for consideration during a future Policy & Priorities meeting.


John Wink, Chair of the Pelham Summerfest 2015 Committee, informed Council that this year's event welcomed 26,070 attendants and generated approximately $1,461,000 for the local economy. For next year, the Committee requested Council approve: 

1. purchasing or renting ramped cord covers for cables to the main stage 

2. adding a Car Show on the Sunday, including extension of festival hours and liquor licence 

3. administering the marketing plan in-house through the Town's Marketing & Communications Officer 

4. revising the Terms of Reference regarding MYAC Membership on the Summerfest Committee 

5. not hosting any other major event, with the exception of Canada Day, 30 days before and after Summerfest 

6. incorporating Fonthill's 160th Anniversary festivities into existing events rather than adding a new event 

7. carrying forward the 2015 surplus funds 

8. dedicating $15,000 funding for 2016 

Council approved all recommendations except for the fifth one. Staff will prepare a more detailed report for that request in time for the November 16, 2015 meeting.


Council approved $31,672.38 to install acoustic panels in the Main Hall at Old Pelham Town Hall to better control noise. The panels will be painted to exactly match the hall’s interior walls to maintain aesthetics. The work is expected to be completed within 4-6 weeks.


The Town of Pelham is seeking interested individuals to join the: 

 Pelham Library Board 

 2016 Summerfest Committee 

 Community Beautification Committee (formerly the Communities in Bloom Committee) 

Visit for application details and to apply by November 30, 2015. 


The Town of Pelham is accepting resumes from interested applicants with superior customer service skills, a positive attitude and currently attending high school or possessing a High School Graduate Diploma Grade 12. Visit to apply by noon on November 19, 2015.


During their last meeting, Council asked staff for further information regarding the proposed Zoning By-Law Amendment and Site Plan Amendment of 1022 Pelham Street (located on the south side of Welland Road, east of Pelham Street) to permit a commercial development on the remainder of the lands consisting of a gas bar and other commercial uses including convenience retail. On Monday, Council supported the Zoning By-law Amendment to a site specific Neighbourhood Commercial “NC-108” that allows a gas station. As well, Council approved the proposed Site Plan Agreement with 4 High Street Inc. subject to a limit of a four island gas station and increasing landscaping and buffering. Staff will prepare the necessary by-laws by November 16, 2015 for Council’s consideration.