Council Highlights: April 20th


Council approved the Pelham Farmers’ Market request to allow Niagara Wineries to participate in the weekly market. In the spring of 2014, the Province launched a pilot program allowing Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA) wine sales at Farmers’ Markets. Licenses are issued directly to the participating wineries (not the Farmers' Market) who must show proof of $5 million liability insurance. All wine sampling is limited to the winery’s booth in the Farmers’ Market area, and only sealed bottles intended for personal use elsewhere will be available for purchase. Given these facts, Council directed staff to research options for how best to handle the sale of wine at the Farmers’ Market since it is adjacent to the Pelham Supper Market and Fonthill Bandshell Concerts in Peace Park. Staff consulted with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) to discuss the best options to accommodate all three events while ensuring a family-friendly atmosphere. In accordance with the Liquor License Act, and upon recommendation from the AGCO, Council agreed to license all of Peace Park on a trial basis during the 2015 season.


Council approved a number of requests from the Pelham Farmers’ Market, Pelham Supper Market and Fonthill Bandshell, to help improve the Thursday Evening experience in the Town of Pelham. The family-oriented evenings draw large crowds and offer a unique experience of food, family, friendship, music and fun. Staff consulted the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), who recommended that due to the close proximity of all three events, and the potential of sealed, unopened wine bottles being brought into Peace Park, it would be best if the park was entirely licensed under the Town of Pelham Special Occasion Permit to allow for greater oversight. The easiest way to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment is to place a discreet 3-foot fence around the perimeter of Peace Park with six access points (see map) and clear signage. This will also allow for easy maneuvering between the three areas and promote walkability. Council reiterated that licensing the entire park is simply a trial and asked staff to report back on a monthly basis to gauge public reaction and success.


The Town of Pelham has initiated a Public Art Plan to create a vision, identify locations and types of art, and to determine the best methods for selecting art. A community workshop is planned for Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at 6:30pm at Old Pelham Town Hall. Join us for a presentation and roundtable group discussion to share your ideas for public art for various locations in Town.


The Policies & Priorities Committee reviewed the 2015 Town of Pelham Strategic Plan and recommended it to Council for approval. As in previous years, Town Council and senior staff engaged in a strategic planning session to help identify a new set of goals and priorities for 2015. The practical plan includes Council’s vision, mission and values, and shows how Council strives to work with residents and staff to preserve Pelham’s unique urban and rural blend while also inspiring the community to become the most vibrant, creative, and caring Town in Niagara. It prioritizes Council’s dedication to exceptional customer service, reliable service delivery and responsible financial management. The primary goals of the plan include: (1) Feel like a small town, (2) Enhance the quality of life in our town, (3) Provide the environment so our businesses can thrive, (4) Become financially resilient for the next 20 years. From these goals, a set of objectives and initiatives was established to ensure progress can be monitored and measured. Staff is actively working to develop strategies to achieve the mandated outcomes and will provide a status report near the end of the year. Council is expected to approve the 2015 Strategic Plan on May 4, 2015.