Community Co-Design Planned for Pelham Arena Site

Pelham residents are being encouraged to reimagine the Pelham Arena site on Haist Street, and to share their ideas at the upcoming community co-design workshops on June 26 & 27, 2017.

With construction of the new community centre, and its taking over of the main arena facilities, the Haist Street arena will be decommissioned; the structural integrity of the building will not permit it to be repurposed.

As a result, the future uses of the arena site and surrounding land is opened up for public discussion. Much of the conversation will be formulated around determining how much of the site should be retained for public use and for what purposes, and would the site – wholly or partially – be suitable for residential development or other uses.

“The community co-design process is key to actively engaging the community in having a say about is important to them,” said Barb Wiens, director of planning and development. “It’s important for the public and stakeholders to have input in the design process.”

Working with The Planning Partnership, an urban design, planning, and development firm, the Town of Pelham invites residents to participate in the community co-design in several ways, including but not limited to: one-on-one interviews, active participation in workshops, a walkshop, small group meetings, and design sessions.

Some sessions during the two-day community co-design process have limited availability (such as the one-on-one interviews) and residents are encouraged to visit for a full list of workshop times, contacts, and other pertinent information.