Capital Budget Means More Improvements in 2015

Since Town Council approved a $6.5 million Capital Budget a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to inform you about some major improvements planned for Pelham this year.

Finish 2014 Projects:

First, of course, the Town’s and Region’s contractors will finish three major projects from 2014:

  • “Uptown Fonthill”: The reconstruction of Regional Road 20 from Peachtree Park to Lookout Street, and of Haist Street from Canboro Road to Regional Road 20 still needs the top coat of asphalt, sidewalk completion, and landscaping.
  • Downtown Fenwick: The contractor must still finish the brickwork (and install 195 engraved bricks), construct some sidewalks and curbs, install lampposts, remove the hydro poles, sod and landscape, and add a top coat of asphalt.
  • Port Robinson Road: More sidewalks, sodding and landscaping, a top coat of asphalt and other features will complete this project.

Pelham Street North:

Council acted on requests from area residents and approved the reconstruction of Pelham Street North and part of Hurricane to mitigate potential ditch overflowing and property flooding. Not only do we intend to rebuild the road and upgrade water and sewer lines (as needed), but we will add storm sewers to control water from Pelham Street and Hurricane. Staff hope to design in the Spring and tender the works for late-Summer.

Finally Roland Road:

The folks who travel Roland Road can attest that the section from Sulphur Spring Drive to the Thorold boundary (just before Hollow Road) desperately needs fixing. Council and I appreciate your patience after spring floods made it the worst road in Pelham! You will be pleased that we approved funds to reconstruct that section of Roland this year.

Maple Acre Design-Build:

Thanks to the work of a special Friends of Maple Acre / Library Board / Town Council subcommittee, Town Council agreed to maintain the heritage portion of the Maple Acre Library (approximately 500 square feet), demolish the former fire station portion, and add-on another 3,500 square feet to continue to provide library and other public services in Downtown Fenwick. Council set aside $1 million for a design/build of this type of renewed Maple Acre Library; the design process should start by the Fall 2015.

Active Transportation Master Plan:

Pelham’s recent Bicycle Friendly Community Silver and Walk Friendly Ontario Bronze awards highlight our significant progress in making our Town more walkable and cycle-able and helping residents become more active. Now, Council approved funds to develop an “active transportation” master plan to help guide future infrastructure planning and decision-making and to further encourage more human-powered transport like walking, running, and bicycling.

I look forward to working together with you on these and other improvements in 2015.

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