Bank Local. Win Local.

At PenFinancial, we believe in “truly local” banking. We also believe in supporting your local communities and businesses. When you become a Member of the PenFinancial family, you’ll receive a Truly Local Scratch Card.

You can win gift cards valued from $25 to $100 to redeem at local Pelham establishments including Cuzinz, Mossimos, Le Village, Rice Road Greenhouses, Nature’s Corner Bakery, Iggy’s Pub, Fasion U Turn and more!

A Truly Warm Welcome

Schedule an appointment during our Grand Opening with Kelly, Adam or Jessica to come back at a later date and learn more about Membership at our Truly Local Credit Union. Just for booking your meeting, you’ll receive a beautiful Truly Local scarf, hat and mitten set to keep you toasty through the blustery winter months, and to wear for cool selfies during the Grand Opening celebrations :)