Ask the Expert: Questions & Answers on Smoothies!

Q:  Smoothies seem to be the latest health craze.  What ingredients should we be making our smoothies with?  

A:  Smoothies are definitely a good choice for a healthy breakfast or snack and there is an abundance of ingredients that can successfully be used to make them.  

Your smoothie should always contain a healthy protein such as plain greek yogurt, almond or hemp milk, hemp hearts, ground flax, a good protein powder or a combination of these.  I always like to add a banana for added texture and flavour and some sort of berries or other fruit.  For the liquid if you are not using the almond or hemp milk, pure orange or cranberry juice or alternately water is good.   This is also a good opportunity to get a veggie in at breakfast:  a handful of greens, either spinach or kale work great.  Some good fat in the form of flax seed oil, extra-virgin coconut oil or my favourite, avocado, is really important for brain function among other things.  And lastly, something sweet, honey and cinnamon are my go to healthy sweeteners.   As long as you use these basic guidelines of protein, fruit, liquid, veggie and good fat you can’t really go wrong.  Just choose the flavours that work best for you.